5 ways setting short term goals can boost your grades

5 ways short term goals can boost your grades

Don’t you hate that feeling when you finally sit down to study, only to stare blankly at the same page? Or simply spend 20 minutes figuring out where to start? Or find yourself an hour later just reading Wikipedia and listening to music? A lot of students struggle with putting any structure on their studies and then become distracted, despite their best intentions. This is where short term goals comes in.

While this is a very simple task, it is also proven to be an extremely effective and powerful one. Studies have shown that those who take a couple of minutes to put down a few bullet points on paper, as goals for the day, achieve more of their targets than those who do not.

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5 ways to improve your focus & beat procrastination

improve your focus, boost concentration, and avoid procrastination


You know that feeling you get when you finally decide that it’s time to get down to work on your studies.
The realization that you’ve been putting it off for too long. You understand that if you fail your exams, or only get a mediocre grade, that you might be limiting your opportunities at college, or of landing a job at a top company. If only you could improve your focus and stop procrastinating, right?

The angel on one shoulder says you’re gonna ace this next exam if you just regularly put in a few hours of good work, and achieve what you know you are capable of. Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder says one more game of Candy Crush won’t hurt, or wouldn’t now be a great time to get a snack?

It’s funny how sometimes you can even fool yourself into thinking that color coordinating your homework schedule is a good way to spend your study time, and at least you are doing something productive, right?

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5 simple tips to immediately improve your grades

improve your grades - 5 simple tips


You’ve finally decided that enough is enough! Your exams are rapidly approaching and you realize that you have probably wasted a lot of time, and have not been very productive during those times when you have actually studied. There always seems to be some other “urgent” thing that needed doing, right? Even if that urgent thing was tidying your room, or just quickly checking social media.

Well here is the good news. There are some simple but powerful steps you can take to get yourself in the zone, and even study less but with more success! Be honest with yourself, how much time of actual good quality study do you think you get done during all that time spent studying?

Here at Best Study Tips we are all about making the most efficient use of your time when studying, so that you can actually still have free time to spend on the other important things in life outside of school & study. Here are 5 simple study tips that will help improve your grades in class and exams.

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